Friday, March 30, 2007

A Lesson in Georgian

And you thought it took hours and weeks and months of studying to understand even the easiest phrases. Now, in just ten minutes, learn the key words that will unlock the gates of Sakartvelo and behind which happiness and cultural awareness reign supreme!

Meti khachapuri aghar minda.
I don’t want any more cheesebread.

Tarebas sad istzavle?
Where did you learn to drive?

Sheni shvili martla kargi bitchia, maints gatkhoveba ar minda akhla.
Your son really is a lovely boy, but I don’t want to get married now.

Es romeli sadghregrdzeloa?
Which toast is this?

Ara, seriozulad, bevr khachapurs ukve vchame.
No, seriously, I already ate a lot of cheesebread.

Bolo nishnebs chven unda davtzerot mat sakontrolo tzeris nishnebis datzeris shemdeg.
We need to wait until after we’ve graded their tests to write their final grades.

Ar makvs khelpasi. Martla.
I don’t have a salary. Really.

Ar vitsi rusuli. Ktovt, dabrundi shens samshoblo enas.
I don’t know Russian. Please return to your native language.

Meti khachapuri rom shevcham, momklavs.
If I eat any more cheesebread, it will kill me.

Dabana ar mtchirdeba; ukve davibane gasul kviras.
I don’t need to bathe; I just took a bath last week.

Tavi damanebet—saelchoshi vmushaob.
Leave me alone—I work at the embassy.

Vitsi rom politikaze ver vlaparakob, magram ase mgonia, rom saakashvili gasukda.
I know I can’t talk about politics, but I agree, President Saakashvili has gotten fat.

Ati lari taksit, khumrob?! Aseti puli arts unda tvitmprinavit tzasvla!
Ten lari by taxi, are you kidding?! It doesn’t take that much to go by plane!

Tzukhel “dakargulebis” ukurebdi?
Did you watch “Lost” last night?

Kargi ra, mashin kidev mometsi erti tsali khachapuri.
Enough already, just give me another piece of cheesebread.

Rotsa davalebas aghar dagtchirdeba, mere imisit isargeble tvaletis kaghaldad.
When you don’t need your homework anymore, use it as toilet paper.

Congratulations! Assuming that your quick readthrough of the above sentences led to permanent memorization, you are now certified to spend at least one week in Georgia! Stay tuned later in 2007 for further installments, and someday you too could have the vocabulary training to spend 26 months in the Republic of Georgia!

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Nico said...

Hey Jennifer,

Sorry for using the comments system, as I couldn't get your email anywhere. I am with one of the Georgian magazines and I thought the article about learning Georgian was hilarious. Any chance of giving us the rights to print it, or doing something together? if you could contact me at nergadze (at), we would work something out

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