Friday, February 15, 2008

A Very Tom Schreiber Post

Perhaps you've seen other imitatin' posts about Tom Schreiber. Perhaps one could argue that since this post's creation is derived from the existence and subsequent Google success of that other post, that this is the imitatin' one. No matter. The world of cyberspace is never too full for another post about Tom Schreiber.

Tom Schreiber the Sensitive Intellectual, never too engrossed in his round of Scattergories to give his wife Amy a shoulder to lean on.

Tom Schreiber the Creator and Destroyer, utilizing the laws of physics and geology to bend his surroundings to his will in a raw display of keenly-focused power.

Tom Schreiber the Includer and Uniter, a fair judge and a good listener who brings together people of all races and creeds.

Tom Schreiber, one of the many quality volunteers of the G6 Peace Corps group, standing tall with integrity, patience, cultural sensitivity, and respect. Tom Schreiber, this blog and its 30 viewers per day salute you!

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