Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Choose Your Own Diplomacy Adventure

Once again, it's Russia. A few alert and caring friends have forwarded articles about the latest situation and inquired as to the effects here on the ground. Rather than ignore the situation like I did the last ten times Russia decided to start some sh**, I thought I'd put some carefully chosen words down here about what's going on. However, it's important to portray all sides of the issue and not to let on where my opinion lies, since that's against Peace Corps rules. Here we go...

Russia (may have / absolutely did not) shoot down an unmanned Georgian spy plane over the airspace of a Georgian breakaway province. There's a video circulating that documents the attack, which was (obtained / doctored) by Georgian authorities. Georgia has raised a fuss about the issue, especially since Russia has built up troops near its border in an attempt to (protect itself / scare Georgia).

There has been a worldwide reaction, since the issue was taken straight to whoever (would listen / was Western-oriented), including NATO, the UN, and Condoleeza Rice. Even the three US presidential candidates, showing their (concern for new democracies / assistants' Wikipedia capabilities), released statements that support the territorial integrity of Georgia.

Despite the provocation, President Saakashvili delivered an address on Wednesday that calls for a peaceful resolution and the normalization of relations with Russia. He also called for discussions with the opposition parties about the issue in advance of the May 21st parliamentary elections. The opposition, sensing that his intentions were (self-serving, especially considering the timing of this "incident" / to accomplish something productive, and thus not of interest to them), has refused to participate, choosing instead to concentrate on (campaigning so they can hold a parliamentary majority against the over-powerful president / holding protests every ten seconds).

To me, this doesn't feel as severe or threatening as the time last year when (Russia / Georgia) dropped a bomb on an empty field near Gori, or the year before when a Russian helicopter (did / didn't) shoot up a field near the breakaway province of Abkhazia. However, my host family and my counterparts seem to be more worried this time around than last time. It's clear that (they know something I don't / they like to worry about things).

In any case, we'll see how it goes. (No one / Everyone) I've talked to seriously thinks that Georgia would take Russia on, seeing as Georgia would obviously (receive massive military assistance from NATO / lose). To tell the truth, though, all everyone involved really wants is (peace / land). With any luck, (cool heads / I) will prevail.

Oh, by the way-- it doesn't at all matter when placed next to the aforementioned conflicts, but to be evacuated from Peace Corps Georgia at this point would really, really (suck / blow).

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Casey said...

You are too funny girl. I hear just what you are saying. I do look forward to 7.17.08. It will be so great to have my girl home again.

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